In March 2012 I woke up a late sunday back in my hometown Hamar to my phone buzzing. In all blurriness i rumbled up my phone to find out that an MMS just got in, ”Se hva jeg har lært meg” (look what i have learned) was the entire text i could see on the screen, i open up the MMS from my friend Bjørn Ivar, thinking that it was some stupid thing going to pop-up. I had not heard from him in a while, and laste time we talk we where talking about starting a clothing brand, but could not decide whether to name the brand Fleet Street or Rimfrost.. I open up the MMS and my mindset totally changed in a blink of an eye. For the first time i could see the name Rimfrost standing on a t-shirt, and it was no more a question on the brand name.

I jumped out of bed, totaly excited running around in the house not knowing what i was doing. All i knew was that this was the start, this was it, we were Rimfrost.

Two days later, back in Oslo where Bjørn Ivar was going to school and I was working as an apprentice, I could not si on the bomb of the shirts i got the photo of a few days before. We where set to plan this out and find out how to start, but my mind told me to just do something about it and get it started.

I was running from work to get down to Strykejernet Kunstskole at Grünerløkka to meet up with Bjørn Ivar and see how he had made the first shirts. I, Morgan had never seen how screenprinting was done before so you can say I was exited like a kid before x-mas on my way down.

After a few hours going thru how it all works, i said to Bjørn Ivar; Let’s just do this, why not start and find out on the way how we do this?
In a doubt Bjørn came along. We found out that all companys need a startup fund, he as a student and me as a apprentice we did not have a lot to put in.

We decided to find out how much money we could lose on a night out on town, whitout going bankrupt for the rest of the month.
Deciding on that 500nok (about $60) each was the maximum amount, we gathered the money and both our first 20 shirts, and got to printing the first ever Rimfrost collection.

In the end of march we where done with the first collection, put up our first website and had our first photoshoot. Deciding that when two guys, whit no experience in fashion and with a background in the metal sceene in Hamar where going to launch their brand, it had to be a great date, we set the date to April 1st 2012.. Thinking no one where going to take us seriously, we launced the website, and after a while our first orders where flying out.

We used my 13 square meters mini-apartment in Oslo as the HQ and shipped out all orders from my livingroom table. After a few weeks we started working on a new collection for summer 2012. We soon got this going and we had our first ever stand at Volum Festivalen in Elverum, the summer of 2012.

After this, I was totaly set on going on with Rimfrost and just pushed this to the maximum on the side of beeing in a full time job. After a while we found out we could not make this happen all on our own, we had to gather friends to help us with designs and photos. Our first ever colab project was with the talented Marie Hammern Norum who desinged some of our most famous prints. We teamed up whit Henrik Kihlstrand as a photograf and whit he’s gallery in Horten, we had our first ever pop-up shop.

In the summer of 2013 we gathered our friends and went to Roskilde festival, with Camp Rimfrost. This was a start to get the brand out of Oslo, and a try to find new and funny way to show of our brand. 

With a flag waving over the camp with the biggest logo we have ever printed.
After the festival Bjørn Ivar was done at Strykejernet, and we where set to find a new way to get out clothes printed, but still be able to do it ourself. We found out that we had an old friend that had some printing gear available, and set out to start printing. Bjørn Ivar just moved to Horten, but i stayed back in Oslo, keeping the brand going, now from my new apratment with more space and a dedicated room for the brand.

In the summer of 2013 we got our first deal with a store in Oslo, Balder skateshop. They unfortunately had to close after a while and we where  back with just our website to sell from. Henrik just joined the brand a few months back and where still working on trying to find a new store for us. 
In this time we started gathering more artist to our brand family, we had been working with Atena from Drammen since the start in 2012, and in 2013 Shitrich joined the family. Bringing the brand to the hip-pop scene in Norway. 

In the winter of 2014 we released our winter collection at skuret in Oslo, bringing out our friends in Normandie, Atena, Turn The Tabeles & Shot At Dawn. Trying to bust our way whitout any store in Oslo. It was a party like no other, but we soon found out that this was not the best way to sell out clothes. After a few months of trying to brand our self only online and with a show, we got in touch whit Maia, who just opend HEVN in Torggata in Oslo. And by the summer of 2014 we where back in a store, not any store but HEVN.

Still with the brand only making limited collections, we kept groing stockisist thru 2014, and by the start of 2015 we where located in Oslo, Haugesund and Horten.
And by the summertime of 2015 we where on a new biger step for the brand,
we had before been to small skateboard events and local music festivals but now we where on the steps to go to Slottsfjell festivalen (one of the biggest festivals in Norway) for the first time. Not knowing how to make a great festival stand, we found a lot of stuff on finn.no and packed up the car to go to Tønsberg.  


The festival went much better than what we ever expected, and whit a new fire in the brand spirit we went back to Oslo to start planing out how to take Rimfrost the next level. How to grow and how to keep growing. After a few months reality punched us in the face, still working a full-time job and with Bjørn Ivar back in Oslo, who just started as a bartender, made the time for the brand less...

By the spring of 2016 the team splitt up, leaving Morgan alone with Rimfrost. The brand spirit got a new boost with the new member of the family, Armand Johansen. Showing up as an helping guardian in the ruff times for the brand.

In the summers to come we have been back in Tønsberg at Slottsfjell for the festival, and it keeps boosting the spirit for the brand higher than ever, showing us the potensial in the brand, and we have been traveling much more around in Norway and Germany the last few years with the ever growing great crew.



In the spring of 2018 after almost a year without a brand logo, we finally had a new one made up as a team project. After trying for a year to be a unbranded brand we have now had the new logo to show of on our 6 year release.

Rimfrost Clothing are at all times working on a new collection of limited items and handprinted streetwear, in new ways, on new items, places and with new artist.


We will never step back, we will never stand down. We are Rimfrost.

By Morgan Staangstad
Rimfrost Clothing AS



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